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Wave 103 > *

I got the Vice City soundtrack (box set) sometime last night (or day considering that I awoke woke up up at 4pm PDT). It appears that I have a terrible appetite for 80s music, because I've yet to find a song I didn't like. Then again, any period of music has great songs in it, but I digress. Next time I play Vice City (I haven't finished it mind you, stupid toy helicopter) I'll be doing a lot more station flipping.

From there, it's important to note that I actually slept around 12 hours last night, considering that I slept all of one the night before. Yay.

I somehow stumbled upon XFN tonight, seems pretty cool and I'll probably integrate it into my site if I ever make the transition. Although I loath frames and love WordPress with a deep passion, I'm thinking of doing some major hacking and slashing to this page and just embed it. This is all assuming I can't do an auto-magical transition, which I may be able once I get out of school.

NooM became an admin at GSF and everyone is nigh pissed. Hopefully Hardflip will be able keep his idiocy in line. I'd make a greatest hits list of the comments, but I fear a massive banning spree (yes, delusions of grandeur and importance, I know). I need to give you this one though:

I'll seduce him to a desert island and kill him in his face.
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Jedi Knight III

Back to the Status Quo it Seems

Much <3 to angel_stardust for the comic.

Well, seems that I got Calix (mutual friend of both Carla and I, my best friend) involved in this. I told him that I liked Carla before anyone else, and really that's all I told him. While it's normal to tell your best friend about these matters and seek council, I should have turned to some other friend (Don't really think I could have turned to anyone else though, as much as I love Ian, he's not Calix in many ways outside of skin tone. Telling Robert was a mistake or at least poor judgment, as I really don't think he's earned that kind of trust, but hindsight is awesome isn't it?) as there is that problem of his being both of our friends, sticking him in the middle of a gooey mess of misinformation.

Carla got angry at Calix because she believes (as far as I can gather) that Calix knew more about my intentions then he said he did, prompting her to call him a liar. Well, today I felt I needed to clear Calix's name and simply wrote to Carla (letters are fun, and useful for things where they'd walk away from you) saying what I told Calix and what I didn't. I have the AIM and YIM logs to prove it but I think I cleared his name in her book. I apologized to Calix about dragging him into this kind of situation, and I'll try and keep him out of this kind of shit if there is any more to this now pretty lame saga.

On the actual Carla front, well I got one whole hour of sleep last night (maybe less). If you have seen Kill Bill Vol. 2, do you remember that during the Pai Mei flashback when The Bride (still feels odd calling her Bee) when she punches in her sleep. Well every time I actually fell asleep, I would wake up in the fetal position clutching a hand that really fucking hurt. Best guess is punching in my sleep. That sounds really healthy. Today though, I helped her with Econ (delivered the letter) just as usual. Rehearsal was still messed up, although having to deal with Robert acting up and throwing Ruben and I off (we need to swap who stands next to him to keep him from throwing us off pitch every song) made time go a little faster. I still stand right in front of her, but I've just been looking at the piano strings or closing my eyes (also helps concentrate on the music coming from Ruben or the piano and not from Robert). All in all, life still sucks, but it's returning to normality.

Except that I didn't really like normality earlier this week, and I sure as hell don't like it now.


In good news, my Radeon 9800 Pro should be here by Weds. at the latest, although considering that the package is only 10-12mi. away from my house right now, it'll hopefully come sooner. Then it's time for a nice reformat and install of WinXP SP2 RC2. God SuprNova and the Azureus client rock so much.

Also, it looks like we're going to be doing Starmites for the Spring Musical, the Fall Show is still not determined, but I doubt it can match the awesomeness of Starmites. Well see, I call Space Punk (regardless of relationship status, although if Carla gets Milady and we're still at the same point, it will be some very uncomfortable shit). Now.
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*string of expletives goes here*

[18:43:04] garnetmonk: "I want us to just be friends." -Carla M. approx. 3:20pm today
[18:45:17] garnetmonk: there is an odd lack of finality in that statement, as if seen as a duality, this is the cheater answer, the status quo, and the status quo fucking sucks, but ya, at least I got it over with
[18:46:03] garnetmonk: I'll be in a pool of self-pity over there if you need me for stuff.

Ya, that's good fucking times. I could not look at her at all the next 2 hours we were there for practice, which considering that the sopranos stand right across the piano from the tenors (I'm one) took some kind of effort. We'll see how it goes tomorrow, as I need to help her with Econ a ton it seems.

GG me.

In less important, thankfully good, news, I'm getting a Radeon 9800 Pro. It's an awesome improvement, but it doesn't help a ton.
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Holding pattern.

LJ account = expired (will probably pay it sometime this week).

Well she's getting econ pretty well, that's awesome (yet her un-math-tasticness is still an issue, however minor), although I think I'm just as worried about myself right now.

I have 4 things to do for Dinner Theater: Newsroom scene, monologue from "Polaroid Stories", Novio (Groom) in "Boda de Sangre" (Wedding of Blood), and general singing here and there. I'll see if I can drop the monologue, it's pretty cool, but I think that it all may be a bit much (all this for mid-August). That and the fact that I have a rather large part in Spanish just freakin' sucks, I put it to my Mom this way: take me, take out all the books I've read, all The Simpsons episodes I've watched, all the PBS and then you've got me in Spanish. When I talk in English, I can throw allusions and references easily (just by the fact that I have a lot of them in my head), while in Spanish, I lose all or most of that. Then again, it may just be a lack of comfort in Spanish and that may change over time, still mid-August isn't a long time...
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Shoulder pulls are fun...

I pulled my right shoulder on Thursday, yay. That and my LJ subscription expires on Sunday, yay ^ 2.

While muscle pulls are fun and all, I don't really mind since early the same day, the "decision that had no up tick" (my joining the Academic Decathlon team 2 years ago) suddenly became a whole lot less horrid and mind-numbingly stupid. If there was one thing that I was really good at in AD, it had to be Economics, I was damn good at it (even better then a few of the returning team members that had already had this whole thing a year ago, heh). Well this year, after being stuck in AP Economics (Easier, but I would have preferred AP Government/Politics considering that'll be my major in college...) and Play Production classes (since my AP Calculus BC and AP Comp. Sci. classes were canceled) I was able to meet Carla (M, in case anyone knows both theater Carlas), who apparently is important because despite all my efforts, I can't help but getting thrown into contact with her, which I really don't mind...

The first attempt at escape was trying to get out of AP Econ, no go on that one as the AP Gov class was as overcrowded as my class (both hovering around 55 people now). Then I tried to get out of Play Production (that until I realized my fortunes, was I class I was eager to leave), again I couldn't as my counselor forced me to take an ungodly 6:50 to 9:20 class at ELAC even though a 4:10 to 6:40 class was available (I start in mid Sept. there). So I'm stuck in these two class, one easy, one boring when during Econ, I forced to sit on the floor (we didn't have enough seats even in the biggest class on campus until Friday). I chose a spot between Carla and resident crazy white guy and best friend Calix (It's a school in the middle East Los Angeles, there are like 13 people classified as white between the Comp. Sci. Magnet (6) and regular campus (7) with a total population of approx. 5000 students.) and I'm having a fun time lying down on the steps (it's one of those auditorium style classes) hearing the teacher babble about PPF curves when we start actually doing some work. Carla is lost to say the least so myself and Calix work her through some of the basics of it and she thankfully starts to get it (although her un-math-tasticness is an issue). Calix and I share a "yikes" look at her troubles (I took Calculus AB last year, he's taking it this year) and just keep working. Later during Play Production she asked if I'd be willing to help her out with econ and stuff, which I of course agreed to do.

This all is a collection of dots that I didn't connect until last night. With sling and all I went with the rest of the Play Production class (along with some Drama people and graduates) to see SFLA's production of Twelfth Night at Pershing Square in the middle of Downtown LA. Carla was really late (like 20-30 minutes), but being the resident photographer, she could not be left behind. (*insert Black Hawk Down scenes here*) I started to think of all this and I realized how awesome all this was, so I ended up sitting with her and a friend from Honor Choir on some blanket about as far away from the stage as possible through the first 3 or so acts (There was only one intermission and from reading notes on the play, I'm pretty sure it was in between Acts 3 and 4.) It's kind of a fun experience darting your attention from the play during monologues or when we couldn't see the action (Did I mention the lawn chairs a few meters in front of us that blocked our view of the lower half of the stage?) to just stare at her for a few seconds. She and her friend ran off to find actual seats after the intermission and I just sprawled on the blanket with some popcorn and a Coke and watched the final two acts of the play. Free theater with a great girl next to you is winner.

Now comes the fun part... in all honesty, I really want to help her with econ, regardless of my attractions to her. (Remember: I agreed to it before I realized that.) Thus, it's pretty easy to say that I'm torn over my course of action. I want to help her with econ (as I'm easily the best in the class at it in terms of raw ability and knowledge, along with my experience in tutoring) but I also want to tell her how I feel. Conversely, I don't want to scare her off from my help by telling her how I feel, but I can't keep emotions inside forever (Although I'm pretty good at maintaining an emotionless exterior regardless of my actual feeling, and this kind of venting to a non-dangerous audience also helps)

As of now, the plan is to not make my feelings overt until I think of someway to ensure that I won't get the above worst-case scenario: I get no time with her at all and she gets (How do I say this without sounding like an ass...) less then optimal econ help (Didn't work, but my hand is starting to hurt from rewriting.)
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Jedi Knight III

It's time to play: The last 7-8 months in 250 words or less!

School: 2nd semester went pretty good (save a horribly boring Adv. Spanish class). My attempt at a relationship died pretty fast, but it's all good, striking out is fun too. Waiting for school to start up again (Thursday) and attempting to fix my retarded ass schedule on the first day. I was able to get the Magnet Coordinator removed (not single-handedly, but I like to think that I helped out a bunch) by a teacher vote, and I'm wondering (and hoping I don't) if I'll need to do anything similar to the new person. Outside of that, just going to try and have fun (and kick a few asses that I've been waiting to) my last year. Already have the test scores and GPA to get into the college of my choice, so not a ton of worries on my end, but just don't want to mess up and such.

Online: Do I even post at [GSF] anymore? I left all my buddies at [oTc] (Our Truckin' Clan) because of an internal fight among the admins, and joined The |D|issidents (guess what the tag was?). We finished just out of the playoffs for CAL-BF Season 5. |D| then merged with Ubiquity to form DuB (I can't remember all the Alt codes for the tag, it was l33tastic), the merger then died when Ubiquity pulled out (heathens!) a few weeks in. I left |D| because its 1942 division was basically dead and was picked up by Busta (the bestestest pilot ever) from ·iNi· and we're ready to beat the crap out of everyone in Season 6. Oh, and Lineage II is addicting, very much so.

Me: Good. It's been verified that I need wub, but outside of that good.

Too lazy to count, but ya, I win.
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*dusts journal off*

[11:45:21] kikanjuuneko: :O
[11:45:22] kikanjuuneko: YOU
[11:45:29] Garnet: yes ME
[11:45:35] kikanjuuneko: YOU'RE ALIVE
[11:45:44] Garnet: lies
[11:45:50] kikanjuuneko: :O
[11:46:01] Garnet: :O
[11:47:54] kikanjuuneko: Where the hell have you been?
[11:48:26] Garnet: playing Lineage 2 and being in Battlefield 1942 clan
[11:48:34] Garnet: and school of course (rawr)
[11:48:55] kikanjuuneko: Grr.
[11:49:08] kikanjuuneko: At least update your LJ, man. It was full of garnetty goodness.
[11:49:24] Garnet: you have a point
[11:54:34] kikanjuuneko: Fuck, that Puzzle Pirates shit is addictive.
[11:54:54] Garnet: hmm, Semagic crashed, it's a sign
[11:55:11] kikanjuuneko: Uh-oh.
[11:55:47] Garnet: it's probably something to do with the fact that I'm using XP SP2, I saw something about that on the journal
[11:55:59] kikanjuuneko: Hmm?
[11:58:40] Garnet: again, odd
[12:06:04] Garnet: even the new version crashed, fun
[12:06:08] kikanjuuneko: Odd.
[12:06:58] Garnet: yay, I had to enable some obscure option
[12:07:03] kikanjuuneko: Woot.

That's the story of why I'm posting, Neko does have a point, I have neglected this thing and hopefully I'll actually be able to post more often (with a few of my AP classes being canceled, I'll have more time in general).

This is the return post, actual post coming soon.
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Jedi Knight III


CXG just released their tourny list for the BYOC there. They are having both GunBound and Battlefield 1942 tournys. Of course, I go in to school only 3 days earlier so my going is a no... hate.

Well, there is always never.
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